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Our Quality

Udaya masala Quality Philosophy is premised on delivering value to customer, which starts from procuring Quality at Source and Quality Mapping across various stages of value chain. The quality assurance process is actualized by a three layer modular approach encompassing the following:

   *  Procurement, handling and storage
   *  The standard operating procedures with defined critical control points are monitored.
   *  Processing - As per HACCP and GMP norms.
   *  Central quality evaluation laboratory.

Udaya Masala emphasis on hygiene and quality control is reflected in ts state-of-the-art laboratory which is equipped with the best 'Quality Control' facilities.

   *  Equipped to analyze Physical, Chemical, Microbiological, Aflatoxin and Pesticide Residue Levels.
   *  Class 100 microbiological facility.
   *  Supported with an array of modern analytical instruments comprising HPLCs, GCs.
   *  Spectrophotometers, Colorflex, Bio-Safety cabins, etc.

Why Us?

We offer quality Spices at industry leading prices, these spices have set a benchmark of quality in the market.
All commodities are purchased from the farmers directly through Agricultural Market Committees.
Quality maintenance and time management are our major business ethics.