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Our Profile

UDAYA MASALA was established in 2012 as a sister concern of M/s. SRI KRISHNA SPICES, which was established on 1998 by Mr. Krishnakumar engaged in exporting of Indian spices.
Now the UDAYA MASALA is engaged in the manufacture of masalas and ground spices. The company is managed by Mrs. Priya Krishnakumar. It was the dream of Mrs. Priya Krishnakumar to give a good taste of masalas in a sealed pack without losing any traditional values like aroma, taste and color. Since Our Sister concern M/s. SRI KRISHNA SPICES was well established in domestic and export spices market for last 15 years, we were well known in finding good quality of spices for making tasty masalas.

We have come up with an exotic and elaborate range of perfectly blended raw and basic masalas. We have tried to provide an ethnic taste to our products to give the feeling of homemade masalas. We have come up with a range of masalas which when added to a particular dish, impart the regional flavor expected.

Production Plant
Udaya Masala’s plant is located at Pollachi, a place of nature’s own land in Tamilnadu. The factory is spread across 2 acres and 10000 sq. ft. of building area having production capacity of 3000 tons of spices per day. The company houses seven prominent departments – Purchases, R&D, Production, Quality control, Packing, Delivery & Logistic and Accounts department. We have ingrained quality checks into all our systems right from raw material sourcing, cleaning, and manufacture & processing to packaging. Preserving the prime quality of the natural ingredients and retaining their purity of taste and aroma is of paramount importance to us. We have achieved this by minimizing thermal treatment and developing unique methods of seasoning and ‘aroma sealing-in’ packs.
Our plant is fully equipped with sophisticated machineries made by SS-304 Grade to blend the ethnic and aromatic spices by hygienically.Further describing about our quality control lab, we have our own sophisticated laboratory well equipped with instruments like GC-FTIR, HPTLC, HPLC, GC, UV-Vis, spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer etc. to undertake the analysis of spices and spice products to meet international standards. We analyze our spices and spice products for physical, chemical and microbial contaminants.

Production Process
The production process starts from selection of raw material which entails testing of qualitative excellence of raw material, free from extraneous plant and animal matter. The raw material is tested and cleaned before sending it for grinding. The raw material is cleaned using both mechanized and handheld sieves of different grades for varying product sizes and requirements. Due care is taken to retain the natural flavor and aroma in the various steps of production. The second process is grinding, which is done through Pulverizers, product contact parts made by SS-304 grade to maintain international standards. We have 3 way grinding process to get fine grinding spice by using conveyor to connect each Pulverizers. And also we have installed dust collector in each Pulverizers to remove dust and foreign materials from output. The ingredients required in a particular Product are mixed in a blender, which is the next stage.

The process ends at the packing department where spices are packed in metallized polyester poly packs specially developed for long life of spices and retaining the ethnicity and aroma of spices. The company has fully automated labeling and packing machines. Our special packing of spices impart a longer life. Our special packing has given us a distinct name among our clientele which is increasing on regular basis.

We always make it sure that our modern machinery do not hamper the homely touch of our spices. It is ensured by our processing parameters which has quality checks at every stage. Regular tests are conducted to ascertain the presence of pests, micro-organisms, pesticide residues in spices. We take meticulous attention to control incidence of rodent. Pre fumigation and post fumigation tests are done on regular interval. Overall we emphasize on the quality of infrastructure to ensure high standards of hygiene.

Source of Raw Materials
The company sources its raw materials directly from the markets of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Rajasthan. We purchase whole spices directly from farmers to maintain natural & freshness through Agricultural market committees for each product.

Product Portfolio
All the company’s products are sold under the brand name of UDAYA MASALA. Our brand is very well established in the market. UDAYA MASALA’s product portfolio includes spices like Red chili powder, Coriander powder and Turmeric powder as well as blended spices like Sambar powder, Rasam powder, Kulambu Chili powder, Idly Chili powder, Chicken masala, Mutton masala, Briyani masala and Garam masala. Our R&D department is working on to introduce more and more tasty masala products to the market.

Product Sale
The main regions of the country where the company sells its masalas currently are Tamilnadu and Kerala in India. We currently have a strong base in our home state. The company is also involved in exports. We are currently exporting to UK, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, and South Africa, Srilanka, Middle East and South East Asian countries.

Company Size
About manpower, we mostly use modern technology to process for spices. From grinding to packing everything happens with the help of machinery. There are around 30-50 persons in the whole unit.

Why Us?

We offer quality Spices at industry leading prices, these spices have set a benchmark of quality in the market.
All commodities are purchased from the farmers directly through Agricultural Market Committees.
Quality maintenance and time management are our major business ethics.