How will the season 3 finale shake up the season 1 finale?

With Westworld season 2 just about ready to be released, it’s time to look ahead to season 3.The show’s creators have already said it will take the characters from the first season and turn them into new and terrifying creatures.Here are five theories about how it might go down.1.The finale will have an impact on Westworld Season 32.The season 3 […]

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How to watch the Westworld season three finale on Sunday, July 31st: Read our full review

The series finale of Westworld ended with a cliffhanger that was sure to draw a lot of people back for more of the same.But in the finale, we got a hint at how we might be getting there.While Westworld has been running for five seasons, it’s already a year old and the last season was pretty epic.Here’s everything we know […]

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MasterChef winner says ‘we’re all in this together’ in Westworld season 4

MasterChefs Westworld star Jeffrey Tambor and executive producer Jonathan Nolan are celebrating their 25th season together, with Tambor revealing the new episodes are being shot in his hometown of Lanai, Hawaii. Tambor, who previously appeared in the film The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, revealed the show will air its fifth season at its final season in Lanai in […]

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