‘The 4 Seasons’ is ‘an astonishingly good, deeply satisfying and deeply moving read’

On the surface, ‘The Four Seasons’ looks like a classic drama, but the author, Marlena S. Vojtovic, has a strong and unique sense of humor.Voznic’s writing is quick and witty and her characters’ reactions to each other and events in the narrative are well-told.Her use of color in the book, and her ability to take time to tell the story […]

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What’s cooking in India? The history of spice, spices, and spices in India

INDEPENDENCE, Indiana (AP) It’s time for the Spice Masters of the World to take over.The World Spice Council is hosting its annual conference in India, where hundreds of chefs, spices experts and Indian consumers are taking part.But it’s also the time to bring in a fresh crop of international talent, including some from the United States.They’ll be joined by India’s […]

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What we know about the five seasons of Charmed season three

The fifth season of Charms is a lot of fun.It’s the first time we’ve been able to revisit the season in the UK, and we’ve got some new insights into the cast and creators behind it.First up is actor-turned-writer-director-star Emma Roberts, who will star in the new season as the enigmatic and quirky Charmie.She’s joined by actor/writer/director-writer Matt Lucas (The […]

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When will you see your next episode of Ozark?

The next episode for Ozark is set to air on October 26, with a trailer expected in the coming weeks.The network will premiere its new series, Ozark, on Wednesday, October 29, at 10:30 a.m. on ABC.It will be Ozark’s second new series.The series debuted on October 12, with the second episode featuring the return of the beloved character of Oz.It […]

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