Season 6 of Superstore: What’s on, when and where to watch on Netflix

Superstore season six has a number of new episodes to watch in the coming weeks.Here’s what to expect in the new seasons, with a few key dates.March 6 The Season 6 premiere episode, “Brickyard”, will be the first episode released for the show.The episode is set in an era of the Superstore, where brickyard life is in the spotlight.April 13 […]

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How to get the newest Westworld season 4 Blu-ray in 2017 (via Hacker News)

The latest episode of Westworld, season 4, has been available for streaming on HBO since October 19.It was released on November 1 and is available for download from HBO GO and Apple iTunes.However, you’ll need to subscribe to HBO GO if you want to watch it.HBO is a US cable TV network that has partnered with streaming service Netflix, allowing […]

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