‘The 4 Seasons’ is ‘an astonishingly good, deeply satisfying and deeply moving read’

On the surface, ‘The Four Seasons’ looks like a classic drama, but the author, Marlena S. Vojtovic, has a strong and unique sense of humor.Voznic’s writing is quick and witty and her characters’ reactions to each other and events in the narrative are well-told.Her use of color in the book, and her ability to take time to tell the story […]

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Billions Season 5 Trailer: It’s Not About The Money, It’s About The Taste

Billions is a new series about people who make a lot of money, and they’re all working hard to find a way to make it all pay off.For the season five premiere, we get to see Billions creator/executive producer Josh Schwartz and star/exec producer Kiefer Sutherland in action as they head to Las Vegas to try and cash in on […]

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