How to pronounce the name of the latest season of NCIS: Miami, starring Joe Pesci and John Cusack

By Mike PescadorThe American ConservativeIt’s the season of the NCIS.The fifth season of NBC’s hit crime drama will begin airing on Monday, March 31.And while that sounds like an odd season title for a TV show that often revolves around criminals, the name is correct.The season is named for the Miami Police Department, the main federal law enforcement agency in […]

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What’s cooking in India? The history of spice, spices, and spices in India

INDEPENDENCE, Indiana (AP) It’s time for the Spice Masters of the World to take over.The World Spice Council is hosting its annual conference in India, where hundreds of chefs, spices experts and Indian consumers are taking part.But it’s also the time to bring in a fresh crop of international talent, including some from the United States.They’ll be joined by India’s […]

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This is the best season 4 food ever, says Tom Coughlin

I never thought I’d say this, but it is the season 4 premiere of The Bachelor.And, you know, I have a soft spot for those who have a taste for season 4.For those who can’t tell, the Bachelor season 4 is the first time since last year that we haven’t been forced to go back and rewatch it.But, even though […]

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Hurricane season 2020 is now live!

Posted November 16, 2020 12:27:30This week, we are rolling out Season 5 Fortnite for all of you, and it’s time to show off the newest addition to the Fortnites arsenal.Season 5 Fortnight is a new season for Fortnition, and to celebrate we are bringing you our very first episode of season 5!This week, as we celebrate Fortnight we are giving […]

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