Hanna: I’m not afraid of the dark, Hanna. I’m afraid of my darkness

I’ve often been asked if I was scared of my darkest self.It was something that I always struggled with and was often teased about.But I don’t think I was ever really alone in my fear.I felt safe, as I know I am safe, I knew I was safe in my house, my car, the people I loved, and I knew […]

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Which Hanna-Barbera cartoon character is most likely to become an animated series?

Posted September 29, 2018 08:24:24A couple of weeks ago, we reported on the first ever animated series from Hanna-Babylon, Hanna-Bandersnatch!, with a story that’s more than just the titular gang of misfits being trapped in a house.But it’s also been announced that the Hanna-Cooper family will be returning for Season 4 of their animated series, Hanna Barbersnatch!.The show, which will […]

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How to make hanna’s season 3 (and all other seasons) salty, salty salt

How to Make Hanna’s Season 3 (And All Other Seasons) Salt (and a Few Other Other Recipes) by Hana-Anna Pyle Hana is the new face of the Hanna brand, and she’s bringing her signature salt to the new season 3 of King of the Hill.The show premiered last year with a new showrunner, and the showrunners have promised a more […]

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