Season 6 of Superstore: What’s on, when and where to watch on Netflix

Superstore season six has a number of new episodes to watch in the coming weeks.Here’s what to expect in the new seasons, with a few key dates.March 6 The Season 6 premiere episode, “Brickyard”, will be the first episode released for the show.The episode is set in an era of the Superstore, where brickyard life is in the spotlight.April 13 […]

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When Will the Trump Administration Be Able to Fix the Ugly Ugly?

President Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, has been dogged by allegations of misconduct for his time at the Interior Department.But as the Trump administration’s new president, Zinke has the power to take the reins of the agency.So far, he hasn’t.On Tuesday, Zinek’s confirmation hearings got underway.A panel of Democrats on the committee, led by Rep. […]

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