Hanna: I’m not afraid of the dark, Hanna. I’m afraid of my darkness

I’ve often been asked if I was scared of my darkest self.It was something that I always struggled with and was often teased about.But I don’t think I was ever really alone in my fear.I felt safe, as I know I am safe, I knew I was safe in my house, my car, the people I loved, and I knew […]

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The new season of Insecure is in the books

A year of drama, comedy, action and romance wrapped up in a bang, with season 5 of InSecure finally on DVD and Blu-ray today.We had a chance to chat with showrunner David Simon about what’s next for the series, the characters we’ve met and the upcoming season.Can you tell us what the story is all about?David Simon: It’s a story […]

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The most epic moments from Expanse Season 5

The best, most thrilling, and most ridiculous moments from Season 5 of Expanselent are set to be featured in a special trailer on HBO’s The Expanes series.Expanselsent Season 5 will be available to stream in the U.S. on October 12, and will be a season-long series.“Expanse” is a supernatural drama about an interracial couple, who live in the same house, […]

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Which season of HAPPY SIREN will be the happiest?

It’s hard to say with certainty, but we’ve got some good news for you: season 4 of HANNITY will be among the happiest ever.The show’s stars have been talking about the season for months, and the first preview clip that was released revealed some very big surprises: We’ve got to wait until May to see how happy all the stars […]

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