When the robot war rages on: The battle for robot supremacy

In the summer of 2025, when the robot wars were at their height, the BBC announced that Robot Wars would return for a sixth season.It was a bold move: it marked the start of a new era of high-tech, robot-fighting drama, which had never been seen before.This was an era where robots could now compete in the Olympics, and the […]

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Gotham season 9 preview: ‘Batwoman’ returns to Gotham City

Gotham is back!Following a brief stint as the Gotham City of the future, Catwoman has returned to the city to investigate a mysterious case involving a missing billionaire, as well as some unlikely allies.Season 9 will introduce Catwoman, one of the most iconic characters in the DC Universe.Catwoman’s return will be followed by a return to the “Catwoman of Gotham,” […]

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Season 4 of ‘The Dexter Show’ premieres with the Season 9 premiere

Dexters are a term coined in the show to describe people who are obsessed with the seasons of their favorite shows.Season 4 is no different, as the Season 5 premiere, “The DExter Show,” premiered to much fanfare.The series, which debuted in 2014, follows the adventures of two members of the Dexers’ “Puppet Squad,” as they navigate their way through the […]

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