‘It’s Not About the Game’: Season 2 of ‘SWAT’: What it’s really about

Showtime has ordered a second season of its hit thriller “SWAT” with a new director and writer.“SWATS” is based on the book of the same name by Jason Kipnis, who also helmed season 2 of “SWITZERLAND” and the season 3 of “HANDS OF HYDE.”The second season is set to premiere next year.The series stars Jason Bateman, Jason Clarke, Sarah Paulson, […]

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How to survive four seasons of the Westworld show

The Westworld season four finale has revealed the final season 4 story arc.The episode “Sophie” (Sophia Hart) was filmed and edited in the UK, with a few scenes filmed in Los Angeles.Westworld season 3 has been widely panned for its over-the-top violence, and the episode “The Man Who Loved the Mammoth” (Terence Stamp) was a major turning point in the […]

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The best episodes of the new season of HBO’s Goliath: Season 4

A few days ago, HBO announced that it will be adding another season of its popular comedy show, Goliath, to its catalog, adding another installment of the show’s seven seasons.The show’s first two seasons premiered in the spring of 2016, and while its third season is in its early stages, it has already amassed more than two million viewers on […]

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