4 seasons in 4 years: Fortnite season 4

It’s been four seasons since the first-person shooter, Fortnites first-ever game, launched on the PlayStation 4.But with the game now in the hands of thousands of people on Steam, a new batch of players are playing and trying to make sense of it.The Fortnits 4 season will follow the first four seasons, the fourth being the year of the events.It […]

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How to Watch The Cursed Season 4: Inside the ‘Cursed’ Studio in Japan

A few weeks ago, we got our first glimpse of The Cursed season 4.The first image of the series came via the official Twitter account of the production team, who posted an image of a studio that has been turned into a studio for the upcoming season.The studio was previously used for a variety of productions, but it seems that […]

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Why is Supergirl returning to ABC’s The Blacklist?

Supergirl is back!In the latest episode of The BlackList, Kara, the daughter of Supergirl, is back on the run.Kara’s mom, Supergirl’s best friend, is killed, and Kara is forced to choose between saving her family and the future.Kara has always had a very dark, conflicted heart, but this episode proves she’s finally found a way to be a hero and […]

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