NCIS: Season 8’s evil season 3 trailer leaked online

On Thursday, the trailer for NCIS Season 8 leaked online.The trailer showed off scenes from the third season of the hit NBC series.Here’s what you need to know about the trailer: The trailer features two scenes, a scene from the second season of NCIS and a scene in the first season.The first scene is from the Season 8 premiere episode […]

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When the Australian spider season starts, it could bring an outbreak

Now Playing: Australia’s deadliest spiders threaten the nation’s forests Now Playing- Australia’s newest spiders, one of which was recently killed by an anti-venom agent Now Playing – Australia’s hottest spiders: A new species is named after a British soldier Now Playing ‘The spider whisperer’: The story behind Australia’s new deadly spiders Now Playing Australian spiders are a new species and […]

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Hurricane season 2020 is now live!

Posted November 16, 2020 12:27:30This week, we are rolling out Season 5 Fortnite for all of you, and it’s time to show off the newest addition to the Fortnites arsenal.Season 5 Fortnight is a new season for Fortnition, and to celebrate we are bringing you our very first episode of season 5!This week, as we celebrate Fortnight we are giving […]

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Why I don’t care about the Atypical Season 4 finale

“We’re done here,” the final shot said.It wasn’t the most compelling ending, but it was also the one that felt most fitting to the show’s storytelling.The finale was also a return to the characters’ origins, as the team of agents investigating a mysterious outbreak of mysterious tumors found a dead girl and an infected man in the woods.It was an […]

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