Why I don’t care about the Atypical Season 4 finale

“We’re done here,” the final shot said.It wasn’t the most compelling ending, but it was also the one that felt most fitting to the show’s storytelling.The finale was also a return to the characters’ origins, as the team of agents investigating a mysterious outbreak of mysterious tumors found a dead girl and an infected man in the woods.It was an […]

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Lucien Konosuba Season 4, Season 3 to air later this year in the US

LUCIFER: Season 3 premieres Monday on Amazon Prime and on the CW on May 1, 2019.The fourth season of the Netflix original series, premiering Monday, May 1 on Amazon, follows the adventures of the American-born American criminal Luciene Konosububa (Konosubas), a woman who has come to the United States to help fight the spread of the virus, while simultaneously facing […]

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