Which Season of the HBO TV Series Are You Most Looking Forward to?

It was a strange season, to say the least, with only the second episode of season 9 of the hit HBO series “The Sopranos” to come out before season 10, and the finale of season 4 before the last episode of “Hannibal” was released.But as the series continues, it seems the series has become one of the most popular television […]

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Why is Supergirl returning to ABC’s The Blacklist?

Supergirl is back!In the latest episode of The BlackList, Kara, the daughter of Supergirl, is back on the run.Kara’s mom, Supergirl’s best friend, is killed, and Kara is forced to choose between saving her family and the future.Kara has always had a very dark, conflicted heart, but this episode proves she’s finally found a way to be a hero and […]

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