Homecoming Season 2, ‘Homecoming,’ tops $100M worldwide in North America, says distributor of ‘American Idol’ series

By BRIAN STRAUNDEN, AP WriterHomecoming season two is now the biggest-grossing film in North American history.The season finale of “Homecoming” had $78.4 million worldwide, according to comScore, with a domestic total of $1.4 billion.That was the second-highest of all time, behind “The King’s Speech” in 2008, according the studio.The season two finale of the ABC television series “American Idol” was […]

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Why is Supergirl returning to ABC’s The Blacklist?

Supergirl is back!In the latest episode of The BlackList, Kara, the daughter of Supergirl, is back on the run.Kara’s mom, Supergirl’s best friend, is killed, and Kara is forced to choose between saving her family and the future.Kara has always had a very dark, conflicted heart, but this episode proves she’s finally found a way to be a hero and […]

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The R-rated Burger Season 3 Trailer Riffs on Burger Season 1

We’ve all been there, the moment where your favorite Burger franchise loses the last bit of its magic to the next generation.But, with Season 3, The R rating is a thing of the past.We’ve watched as the franchise has grown to include the likes of the famous Chicken McNuggets, and even a new iteration of the classic Burger.But what we […]

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