The Victorian Fashion Show is back, and it’s looking very exciting.

With its inaugural event on Saturday September 19, it promises to be an incredible event and a spectacular experience for everyone.

The show will feature some of the most well-known brands and personalities in Victoria, with many celebrities appearing and a number of special guests.

In addition, it is set to feature a huge number of live performances and a variety of merchandise, as well as the usual assortment of beauty and fashion shows.

Check out what’s on this year’s Victoria’s secret Fashion Show below.


Aussie glamour brand, Tami Anderson will be the face of the show.

She’s one of Victoria’s favourite designers, with a long and distinguished career in fashion.


Victoria’s top stylist, Sarah Vickers, is also set to appear, along with several of her favourite models, including Victoria’s current favourite, Charlotte Tilbury.


It’s time to get creative with some of your favourite accessories, including hairpieces, masks, hairpins and even makeup.


The Victoria’s secrets beauty showcase, which is held every year at the Victoria Theatre, will feature more than 200 models, from designers to celebrities.

The fashion show is expected to be a big hit, with Victoria’s beauty queen and model of the year, Jasmine Hossain, taking part in the event.


And there’s plenty of fashion to keep your eyes peeled for, with the Victoria Fashion Show having a range of products from a range that includes handbags to perfumes and makeup.

Victoria is also renowned for having the biggest and best selection of clothing in Australia, with some brands being in the top 10.


The new Victoria Fashion Week is on September 24, and the Victoria Secret Fashion show will be held on September 27.

Check the Victoria secret show schedule here.


In 2017, Victoria’s first Fashion Week was held in December and the Victorian Fashion show is being held on January 8.


If you’re looking for some great fashion in 2018, check out the Victoria fashion show that’s happening in 2019.


If all that isn’t enough, Victoria has a range on sale for you to try, including some of their best-selling clothing.


If Victoria is your first choice for an amazing fashion show, then make sure you catch all the Victoria secrets in 2019 as they are just getting started.

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