Billions is a new series about people who make a lot of money, and they’re all working hard to find a way to make it all pay off.

For the season five premiere, we get to see Billions creator/executive producer Josh Schwartz and star/exec producer Kiefer Sutherland in action as they head to Las Vegas to try and cash in on their new fortune.

But the real action happens inside the head of one man, Bill.

The show’s creators have been teasing the new season since October, but we finally got a sneak peek of the first five episodes with the premiere airing on HBO on Wednesday.

Billions, which stars Kiefert Sutherland as an ambitious lawyer who works for a company called Billions, is set in the world of the real estate industry and focuses on a group of lawyers who are making a lot more money than anyone.

But while the lawyers are all making their money, they also have to contend with the challenges of finding new ways to make their money work.

The series follows a team of lawyers as they navigate a world where real estate is a commodity.

And while it seems like it’s all about the money, it’s actually about the taste.

As Billions executive producer Josh Schuester explained, the show “has a lot to do with the taste of the food.

It’s about the quality of the ingredients, it just really does a great job of bringing that to life.”

Here’s the first season of Billions to give you a taste of what the show will be like:As you might expect, the season starts with the main character, John, working his way through a career in real estate.

The first thing he does is make sure that he’s never lost a job.

It was a difficult task, but he manages to do it because he’s “the kind of person that doesn’t want to lose his job.”

In the first episode, the lawyers try to find new ways of making a living, including getting involved in their own restaurants.

Billions stars Kefebo, the main lawyer, who also appears in season two, as he tries to figure out a way for Billions and his clients to make a living.

Bill and Kef are both working at a hotel and Kief is also working for a real estate company.

As you might have guessed, Kef is also a chef and he’s trying to figure it out.

The season also introduces a new type of lawyer, the lawyer with the bad taste in his mouth.

The bad taste lawyer is known as a con artist and he tries his best to lure unsuspecting clients into his traps.

Bill is a little more subtle about his methods.

He’s trying not to make too many enemies and he doesn’t really want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

But as the show goes on, the taste lawyer gets a little too involved and he starts to turn the tables on the realty barons.

One of the biggest revelations in the season is that the bad lawyer is actually Bill’s own father, who he meets at a party when he’s visiting Las Vegas.

When the show takes place in Vegas, the character of the bad guy is a bartender who works at a bar called the Big Easy, which is also where the bad lawyers parents were from.

Bill and Keg have a lot in common, but they’re not really the same person.

Bill isn’t a lawyer at all, but Keg is a con man who’s willing to do anything to get his way.

In this case, he’s able to get the bar owners to give him a job at the hotel because he wants a slice of the profits.

The show takes an interesting approach to the idea of the lawyers having a bad taste.

While the bad guys seem like they’re trying to make money, the real goal of the show is to help the lawyers find a new way to earn their money.

The first episode of the season features the lawyers in their first big confrontation.

As Kef attempts to figure the best way to pay Bill a visit, the hotel’s owner tells him that they’ll let him in if he gives them $10,000.

Kef tries to convince the boss to let him into the hotel, but the boss isn’t buying it.

He tells Kef that Bill’s “biggest concern is getting paid and that if he doesn’nt get paid, they’ll sue him.”

After a few minutes of arguing, Bill and his lawyer realize that they’re going to have to go back to Vegas and make a deal.

But when Bill asks them to, they all agree.

Bill says that he’d be willing to give the boss $10 million if he agreed to do something with Bill’s father.

The two men have to make some tough choices and Bill decides that he wants to go out with his friends, who are going to

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