MasterChefs Westworld star Jeffrey Tambor and executive producer Jonathan Nolan are celebrating their 25th season together, with Tambor revealing the new episodes are being shot in his hometown of Lanai, Hawaii. 

Tambor, who previously appeared in the film The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, revealed the show will air its fifth season at its final season in Lanai in September, with episodes airing in the spring.

“We’ve been doing it in Lanayas, and then we started shooting in Hawaii, and it’s kind of like our fifth season, and we’re all at the end of the line,” Tambor told The Jerusalem Times.

“The show is still happening, and I don’t want to say the last, but we’re just about to get back to the beginning of it, and that’s a lot of fun.”

It’s been a blast.

We’re all on board, we’re making great progress, and the next season will be really exciting.

“Tambor has been working on the show since its debut in 2014.

So I’m glad it was shot here, because it’s the perfect place for Westworld. “

We shot Lanayans first episode, and Lanay’s last episode, so it was a lot more fun to shoot Lanay,” he said.

“So I’m glad it was shot here, because it’s the perfect place for Westworld.

The location is perfect, and because it is Lanay, you’re able to shoot Westworld on a lot less land.

It’s actually in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which is really, really nice.”

The first episode of the new season will air on August 12, with all subsequent episodes to air the following week.

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