The New York Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys in a classic, but this time it wasn’t on the field.

The NFL has officially announced the biggest sporting event of the year: the Super Bowl.

The game will be broadcast in nearly every major US market on Sunday, with the US hosting the first two games in New York and Los Angeles. 

It will be the biggest sports event in history. 

With a total of 464,000 people expected to be on hand, the games will see tens of millions of fans around the world in action, from London to Beijing, with a total capacity of 8.3 million. 

“The New York Super Bowl is the largest sporting event in US history, and one of the most exciting events in our sport,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said.

“Our viewers around the country will experience the biggest spectacle in American sports history.” 

In total, the game will see an average audience of 12.6 million viewers, with more than a million homes in each market.

“The Super Bowl will be a global event, with millions of people from around the globe watching,” the league said.

“The fans in New Jersey will experience their first Super Bowl since 2008.” 

The biggest games of the season will also feature the AFL grand final, the NBA Finals, the NCAA tournament and a World Series. 

The NFL has also revealed a host of other games for the rest of the calendar year, with several NFL players and stars being announced as part of the NFL schedule this week. 

Last week, the league unveiled the Superbowl 50 game broadcast schedule, which will see the most games from the NFL’s 32 franchises on the biggest stage of the summer, including a special halftime show featuring Beyonce.

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