The best starting pitcher in the major leagues has a lot to do with how he was selected.

If you want to know which teams have had the best teams’ starting pitchers, you can’t simply look at their WAR and ERA.

You have to go through a full season of performance data, which includes how many wins the team was expected to win, how many losses the team expected to lose and how many extra wins the starting pitcher was expected for.

In order to find the best starters, you have to know how they performed in 2016 and look at how their ERA changed from year to year.

We looked at starting pitchers in the past to determine how many starts they had, how long they had started and how often they started and finished the season.

What’s the most valuable statistic for starting pitchers is WAR, or Wins Above Replacement.

So, to determine which starting pitchers had the highest WAR, we looked at the WAR for the entire league, with the exception of the National League West, where the Dodgers had the most WAR.

The Dodgers had a starting pitcher with the most wins above replacement in the game, while the Mets had the least.

Using this metric, the Mets ranked second, behind the Dodgers.

As you can see, the Yankees had the second-most WAR for starting pitching, while they also ranked in the middle of the pack in wins above average.

That’s a big difference.

The Dodgers had an ERA of 2.19 and a starter with a WAR of 1.9, while their starting pitcher had a ERA of 3.15 and a WAR 3.9.

Next up: Which teams had the worst starting pitchers of the past four seasons?

We’ll have more on the Dodgers, Yankees and Mets starting pitchers later this week.

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