On Tuesday, the claws got their revenge against the White Fang by storming the White House and causing a diplomatic incident that resulted in President Donald Trump’s resignation.

The episode of The New Normal will premiere on Netflix on April 13, 2018.

WATCH: The New Normies Season 4 Finale Recap Here’s everything we know so far about the finale:The claws returned to the White Houses mansion, where they proceeded to destroy the mansion’s security cameras and destroy all evidence of the crime.

The President was forced to resign as a result.

After the Whitehouse was cleared of any responsibility, the Whitehall police officers were allowed to go home.

While the cops were gone, the President had to sign a resignation, giving the claws a chance to get their revenge.

As a result, the team was sent to the city of Washington, D.C., to investigate a number of crimes that were plaguing the city.

As they began their investigation, they met with the President, his brother Robert, and a number on the team.

They learned that the WhiteHouse was under siege by a group of assassins.

The team quickly learned that a group was targeting the President’s father, and they quickly realized they had to get in there and stop them.

The team then made a plan to infiltrate the WhiteHalls mansion.

They infiltrated the WhiteHall complex, and soon learned that it was actually a trap.

The Whitehouse, which was in the middle of a siege, was on lockdown.

As the team infiltrated the building, they discovered that they were actually in a prison, and that they had been captured by the Whitehanders.

The guards began to interrogate them, and the team quickly became prisoners.

After a short time, the prisoners were finally freed, and Robert escaped.

The Whitehall staff tried to save Robert by releasing him from prison, but they were all killed when a bomb detonated underneath their feet.

The final scene was shot in the Whitehouses mansion, which had been completely destroyed.

The whole episode is the culmination of The Claw’s rampage, as the team realizes that they have been caught by the claws and must act quickly.

The show has received high praise for the final scene, with many praising it for its emotional content.

The finale also reveals that the claws are actually a team of six.

The six have been called “The Five” by one of the team members, who has a crush on the leader.

The claws are a team, and now they are a family.

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