There was a moment in the second half of the NBA season, when the Celtics were in a hole and they needed to find a way to win.

After a string of three straight losses to start the year, the team came up short in its first five games.

But the Celtics had a chance to win out and advance to the NBA Finals.

So, in a matter of hours, the Celtics and Golden State Warriors were back at it, a game in which the two teams traded two straight points in the final minute to clinch the NBA’s second seed in the Western Conference.

This game was the closest game in the series, and for a few minutes the two franchises were at a crossroads.

Then, a few hours later, in overtime, the teams were back in contention.

For all the talk of the Warriors needing to put on a show in Game 6, the Warriors still needed a win to advance to a second straight Finals.

The Celtics had an easier schedule ahead of them and the Warriors had to be patient with the Celtics.

The Warriors would win both of their remaining games, the only two of which were against the Houston Rockets, to secure the best possible seed in this series.

In the end, the win was no surprise.

The first-place Warriors were still in the hunt for a second consecutive championship, but this time they needed a little more help than they had in previous years.

They needed a bit of luck to get to the Finals.

The second-place Boston Celtics went to Game 6 on Sunday, having won five straight and had won nine of their last 10.

They had a shot to make the playoffs after losing two of their previous three.

But they didn’t want to go through another painful loss, and instead went into the game with hopes and expectations high.

The only real problem was that the Celtics didn’t have a ton of experience in the postseason, which was why they had so much faith in their young team.

After going through four straight losses in the first two rounds, the young players were playing the best basketball they had all season.

They were getting the most out of their big men and even some of their youngsters.

But there was still a bit more work to do.

The young players had to step up and perform.

It was time to see how good this team really was.

The second-year team needed some help from the younger players, as well.

They knew the young team was good, but it wasn’t quite as good as the older players.

Isaiah Thomas had a great Game 5 against the Golden State players, but the rest of the team was much better, especially when it came to the defense.

Isaiah has been playing much better recently, and his play was just as important in Game 5 as it was in Game 4.

He was the difference in this game.

The biggest difference this time was the way the young guards played.

They went to their strengths and used their bodies to pressure the Warriors big men.

If the guards couldn’t pressure Golden State’s guards, they had no way of beating them on the glass.

They just kept hitting the ball and using it to get open looks.

Isaiah had an incredible game, finishing with 18 points and eight rebounds, while adding six assists and two blocks.

He is now the third-leading scorer in the NBA behind Curry and Durant.

When the Celtics go to Game 7 on Monday, they will look to add to their winning streak.

They will have to win this game if they want to get into the playoffs, but they have a chance.

They still have the second-best record in the East, and with Isaiah Thomas and Co. playing well, they should be able to come out on top.

The win in Game 7 was a huge step in the right direction, but Isaiah and the rest need to do more.

If they keep playing the same way, the younger guys are going to have a hard time guarding the best team in the West.

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