It has been an emotional rollercoaster for Kara Zor-El.

The CW series Supergirl started its second season on April 15, but by May 13, the character’s creators and producers decided to change the format of the series. 

Kara’s powers have been in limbo since her debut in DC Comics’ New 52 relaunch, and her relationship with Clark Kent (Kal-El) is currently in a tailspin. 

Supergirl Season 2 featured a lot of twists, turns and a couple of dramatic deaths, but the showrunners are confident fans will have their fill of Kara’s story this season.

“We’re thrilled with the show’s trajectory, and it has become the most popular show in the world,” said Kara creator Andrew Kreisberg in a press release. 

“It is no secret to anyone that Supergirl has been a hit. 

We’re confident that fans will be able to identify with Kara and get what she’s going through.” 

This season, Kara’s powers are back to their roots. 

The season has already been watched by more than 9 million viewers, according to Nielsen data. 

But what about Kara’s past? 

Kreisberg said the showrunner and producer wanted to “show what Kara went through as a teen and a young woman, but also give the audience something to look forward to.” 

“We know what Kara is going through, and we’re hoping that fans can identify with her journey and not just what’s happening in the story,” Kreisburg said. 

And while fans have been eagerly awaiting Kara’s return, there is one character who hasn’t been seen in the series since her introduction in the second season: The Flash. 

While the season 2 finale featured some key reveals about Kara and the Flash, most fans were left wondering how they would go about figuring out how to use the speedster in the show. 

Fans have been clamoring for a Flash origin story for Kara for years, and Kreis, who has been working on a Flash TV series for years now, said he was excited to finally get to bring the character to life. 

“[Flash] has been one of my favorite characters to work with since the day I first read the Flash pilot,” Kreasberg said.

“I think the show will be the first step in finally telling his origin story. 

[Flash] is one of those characters that is a big part of Kara. 

He is the person who she’s closest to, and he is the one who she feels the most like. 

As an actor, it’s an honor to play him, and to have this chance to do that, it was really fun.” 

When the show returns, we will finally get a glimpse into how Kara’s journey has unfolded, and fans can expect to see a ton of twists and turns in her life as she fights against her powers and battles the mysterious Lazarus Group. 

In the meantime, Kreisberger has some more great news for fans. 

His character will be getting a second season. 

After Supergirl’s second season was cancelled in January, Kreesberg was approached by CW Studios and the show was greenlit for a second run. 

That announcement came on April 18. 

However, a lot has changed in the past six months since that date. 

According to Kreisberry, CW Studios’ head of original programming, Dan Fellman, and the rest of the CW team wanted to give the character a new beginning and new life, and they were looking for a new way to introduce her to fans.

So, Kreiber and the CW set about developing a plan to bring Kara back to the world. 

So far, the team has created two versions of Kara, with a male and a female version of the character. 

During the first season, the show introduced a new female character, Lexa, who is a member of the League of Assassins. 

Then, in the season two finale, Lexi’s life is turned upside down, and Kara’s secret identity is revealed. 

With her secret identity revealed, Lexia’s father, General Zod, is forced to flee the planet and seek refuge in a mysterious island on the far side of the galaxy. 

It was an epic journey for Lexa and Kara, but when Kara found out Lexa was a member the League, her life was changed forever. 

For the second time, the two characters will team up to face off against General Zoda. 

They’ll be joined by the mysterious “Penguins,” who are a group of pirates who were sent by Zod to steal a mysterious artifact that will help them get revenge on the League. 

Once they’re on the island, the crew of the Penguin ship will be attacked by the Lazarus Group, a group that believes Lexa to be their greatest enemy. 

This time around, the Penguin crew is also

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