On Thursday, the trailer for NCIS Season 8 leaked online.

The trailer showed off scenes from the third season of the hit NBC series.

Here’s what you need to know about the trailer: The trailer features two scenes, a scene from the second season of NCIS and a scene in the first season.

The first scene is from the Season 8 premiere episode “The Blacklist” in which Sam (Dylan O’Brien) is seen hanging out with his new partner, Detective Michael “Buck” O’Reilly (Jeremy Lee), and their daughter.

In the scene, Sam, Sam and Buck are discussing what they have planned for the rest of the summer.

The next scene is a shot of Sam, Buck and his daughter standing outside the police station in the season premiere.

In this scene, Buck is talking to his daughter about a recent incident involving her mother, where she accidentally shot a woman with a gun.

Buck is also seen sitting on a bench with his daughter, as they watch the sunrise over the Police Station.

The last scene shows Sam, the new Blacklist cop, taking a video of a woman who is holding a gun to her head and trying to walk away.

Sam and his partner, Chuck, are then seen leaving the scene of the crime.

In a statement released Thursday, NCIS executive producer/director Greg Daniels said, “Our focus in this season was to explore some of the themes of Blackness, the dark side of our humanity.

We wanted to give viewers a taste of the darkness and heartbreak that our characters were going through.”

Read the statement from NCIS producer Greg Daniels.

In his statement, Daniels added, “We were inspired by the way Black men have been portrayed on TV for decades.

The scenes in our trailer and in the new season are very much part of the story that we tell and the journey that we’re taking through our journey.

Black men need to understand that they are not alone and that our world is not all it’s cracked up to be.”

NCIS season 8 premieres on Thursday, August 25.

WATCH: NCIS TV Series: Season 9 Trailer Here are the official synopsis of the trailer, as well as the synopsis of its official Facebook page: The Blacklist: Season 3 is the conclusion to the first chapter of Blacklist, a series that explores the dark, corrupt and violent underbelly of the American justice system.

The Blacklists are a series of corrupt cases and investigations that follow the footsteps of a Black criminal, as he tries to turn his life around and find a place in the world.

Blacklists follow the lead of two leading Black detectives as they investigate the criminal world and uncover the secrets behind the corruption of American justice.

The episodes will take you on a journey that will challenge your perception of who you are, and how you see yourself in the eyes of the law.

You can find out more about Blacklists at NCIS Blacklist.

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