Fortnite season 3 launches on August 18 and will see the return of the game’s original team of players and its signature mode, Deathmatch.

The game will also feature new modes like Conquest, Capture the Flag and Deathmatch, but these will only be available to players who pre-purchased the game for a limited time, starting on August 20.

As well as the return to Fortnites first-person perspective, the game will feature a new “new character” mode called Siege.

Players will be able to create their own characters, including one called “Siege” who can create their very own map.

This is a feature that will not be available in the standard mode, as Siege will be a free-to-play game and is only available to those who preorder the game.

Siege is available to buy for $10.

The mode is only playable by those who purchased the game in the previous season.

While the season 3 release date of August 18 has been confirmed, it has not been confirmed if the game itself will launch on August 19.

The last Fortnits season was on August 13, 2016.

The new season is set to begin on August 21.

The Fortnit series has long been popular, but the series has been plagued by a lack of content.

It has been announced that the game is going to have two more seasons, but that is yet to be confirmed.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the game and a lot has been speculated about the release date.

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