Posted September 29, 2018 08:24:24A couple of weeks ago, we reported on the first ever animated series from Hanna-Babylon, Hanna-Bandersnatch!, with a story that’s more than just the titular gang of misfits being trapped in a house.

But it’s also been announced that the Hanna-Cooper family will be returning for Season 4 of their animated series, Hanna Barbersnatch!.

The show, which will star Lauren Lapkus as Hanna, Will Arnett as the Barbers and Spencer Grammer as Hanna’s brother, Willy, will be produced by the same studio that is behind the popular Hanna-Discovery Channel series, Barbershop: The Series.

This will be the first animated series Hanna Barberas Hanna Barbies series.

This is a big deal.

There have been no animated Hanna-barberas series for more than 20 years, and the show will be their first animated project with Hanna-Con in more than 25 years.

We can only hope that this means we’ll be seeing more Barbers episodes in the future.

We’ve been told that Hanna Barbs season 3 will premiere in 2017, but the show’s official name will be released in 2020.

Will Arnethas last show as Willy will be on September 17, 2020.

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