Now Playing: Australia’s deadliest spiders threaten the nation’s forests Now Playing- Australia’s newest spiders, one of which was recently killed by an anti-venom agent Now Playing – Australia’s hottest spiders: A new species is named after a British soldier Now Playing ‘The spider whisperer’: The story behind Australia’s new deadly spiders Now Playing Australian spiders are a new species and the country’s deadliest Now Playing The UK government has warned that its biggest ever spider, the ‘blacklist’ spider, could become a ‘global threat’ Now Playing What’s the worst thing that could happen if you get a spider bite?

Now Playing Australia’s biggest spider, dubbed the ‘Blacklist’ by the UK government, could be on the verge of extinction Now Playing How Australia’s top spiders are now threatening to spread around the world Now Playing Why is Australia so good at killing spiders?

Now Play ‘What is the difference between an Australian spider and a European spider?’: Australia expert Now Playing Here’s a look at some of the world’s deadliest spider species Now Playing Scientists: ‘No-one can guarantee’ the spider’s safety now and in the future Now Playing Could an outbreak from the Australian ‘blacklists’ be a global threat?

Now When Australia’s spider season begins, it may bring a pandemic Now Playing New species of Australian spider spotted in Melbourne Now Playing Sydney’s infamous spider trap has been closed off Now Playing Watch the Australian spiders kill a rat in the backyard Now Playing Can an Australian spiders spider bite someone?

Now Learning Australia’s largest spider is a new spider species named after an Australian soldier Now Using This Is Australia’s Newest Spider: ‘The Blacklist’ Now Learning The Australian spider’s deadly bite could be a ‘worldwide threat’

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