The first trailer for Fortnites season 20 was released today, showcasing new characters, new locations, new weapons, new enemies and a whole lot more.

Here’s a look at what you need to know:1.

Fortnits season 20 is about a family who are all too close to the apocalypse and now they have to face a new threat.

Fortns team is now fighting for survival and will have to take the fight to a whole new level.2.

Players will now have to be a little more vigilant and protect their loved ones when battling other players.3.

Forts team will now be able to equip weapons, armor and even make their own.4.

There are new weapons and armor for each class.5.

Players can now create their own character, which will make them even stronger.6.

Players now can get new skins for their characters.7.

Fortnis season 20 will have a special event that will be announced closer to the season.8.

You can now make your own weapons, which are a new mechanic that will allow you to create your own weapon and armor sets.9.

There will be a new game mode called “Defeat the King.”10.

Fortnavers season 20 has a special mission called “Cavalry.”11.

You will now get new rewards and new enemies when playing Fortnitsthe season 20 update is available now for the Xbox One and PC.

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