The Last of Us Remastered is a big-screen movie.

It is a sequel to The Last Of Us, a game that has been critically acclaimed and has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide.

But this time, the game is set in a different universe, one set within the confines of a New York skyscraper.

That’s where the title character, Joel, is a high school student who is about to discover the world of the future and the world around him.

It was a brilliant decision for a studio that has only released a handful of movies in the last decade.

But now it looks like the sequel has hit a snag, as a fan on Reddit asked if the movie will be re-released as a digital download. 

It’s a strange question, as the game’s creators have been talking about re-releasing the game as a Blu-ray release for years. 

But the answer is a definite “yes”. 

If you’re interested in checking out the original game for yourself, the Blu-Ray is out now on Amazon and Netflix.

This is where we get to the big question.

Will we see the story of Joel and Ellie from the original trilogy?

The answer to that is yes. 

“The Last of Men” is a prequel to the game, and the Blu Ray and DVD versions are both set to feature the story from the game.

We have seen a few of the trailer clips, but they have only shown the prologue to the main story.

But fans are already asking if the film will include Ellie and Joel from The Last Game.

“It’s really exciting to have the opportunity to work with our talented filmmakers and create the story for The Last Episode,” said The Last Film’s co-director David Ehrlich.

“We are excited to continue bringing Joel and his friends back together, and are confident that fans will be thrilled with the result.”

The Last Game is currently in pre-production, and Ehrich and his team have already completed work on a second Blu-Rays for a limited release.

It will be released in 2016.

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