A few days ago, HBO announced that it will be adding another season of its popular comedy show, Goliath, to its catalog, adding another installment of the show’s seven seasons.

The show’s first two seasons premiered in the spring of 2016, and while its third season is in its early stages, it has already amassed more than two million viewers on HBO.

The new season will be the second to debut with a major cast, which means that HBO has already given its viewers a taste of what to expect from this new season.

The first episode of the season, entitled “Lucky for Me,” sees a couple named Mike and Beth embark on a new adventure.

After an awkward and dangerous encounter, the pair is able to reunite with their families, and it’s a fitting way to conclude the show.

Goliath is not the only HBO comedy series that has been added to the network’s catalogue this year.

The network also announced the debut of the comedy comedy drama The Man Show, which will be a continuation of the long-running NBC show, The Man in the High Castle.

A recent interview with Seth MacFarlane revealed that the actor is also working on a Goliath movie and that he is already looking into casting for the new series.

Goliath will be available on HBO Go and HBO Now on March 10.

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