A new season of LetterKenny, starring Leo Fitzpatrick, has been revealed, and it is set in the same fictional world as the old series.

It has been dubbed “The Leisureland of Letters”, with the star playing a writer who takes his wife, the publisher of the weekly newspaper, to a secret island, where he learns the secrets of life. 

The new season will also see the return of the Leisurelands theme park, as well as the return to the old characters and locations. 

It will also feature an extended version of “The Letters” that has been the focus of some controversy over the years. 

According to the Irish Times, the new version will include more scenes of the “Leisureland” theme park and “the Leisure Land of Letters” (the name of the fictional island) and will also include scenes from “The Stories” of the past, which the Leirets are able to read when they are at the resort. 

There will also be a “Letterkenny” themed hotel in Dublin and a new “Letter” theme area in Dublin, which has previously featured a “Leo” themed casino.

The new version of Letter Kenny will be set in Ireland from January 2017, with the new season being filmed in Ireland and filmed on location in Dublin. 

“We have been working with LeisureLand to create an authentic and special experience for Letterkennys viewers,” a Leisure-themed spokesperson said.

“We are excited to be able to tell the story of a unique and authentic island, and we are thrilled to be filming here in Dublin.” 

In an interview with Irish Times, writer-director John Sheridan said that the new Letterken was inspired by the characters’ letters. 

“[The show] tells the story that is so rich and so authentic, and to tell it with characters who are so familiar with the island, the story, is really an extension of what Letterkens are like,” Sheridan said.

“So I think that the show is really about those people who are coming up against that.” 

LeisureLand will continue to offer “The Letterkills” to viewers for the rest of the year, and will continue in Ireland with a new version to be released in January. 

Leo Fitzpatrick, who plays Leo, said he was “a little bit overwhelmed” by the reception he has received from the new show.

“I’ve had a couple of emails, but they were quite positive and I thought I would have more than one,” he told The Irish Times. 

He added that he was grateful for the support he has had from his family, friends and fans. 

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