After a year of intense scrutiny, the Australian Rugby League has taken the first step towards bringing the sport to an all-Australian level.

The governing body said it will introduce the All Australian rules for 2018, and that it would be introduced for the first time in 2019.

While the move has been welcomed by some, it is likely to spark a lot of anger from fans who have been demanding a change to the current All Australian system.

It is not the first year in which the All-Australian system has been introduced.

In 2011, the NRL was forced to implement a change in the rules after a season of controversy when the league was accused of holding a double standard between its All Australian and the lower grade All Australian teams.

AFL fans were also unhappy with the league’s “double standards” rule, which required the All Australians to play a single game against the Lower Grade All Australians and to lose the first game.

But the AFL was quick to clarify that the rule was meant to apply to a single All Australian team, and the All Blacks had the same double standard rule.

That year, the All Australia team played against the Tigers in the semi-finals, with the Tigers winning.

So why have the All Aussies now become the “first team” in the new system?

The rules are not entirely new, but the AFL has been forced to take the steps to bring the All American system in-house.

After years of criticism, the league has introduced the All Americans rules for 2019, which will be introduced on Friday for the next two seasons.

Unlike the NRL, the AFL is not a league of clubs, but instead a federation, which means the rules apply to all AFL clubs.

And it means the AFL will be able to apply the new rules to clubs in a much simpler way.

This is because the AFL currently has four separate leagues that are run by different departments.

“The All American rules apply equally to all of the AFL clubs,” AFL president David Noble said.

For example, in the 2017 season, the Bulldogs played the Rabbitohs against each other in a one-match match.

If a team is on the other side of the country, then they are not allowed to play the Rabbitoohs, so the Bulldogs were forced to play against the Rabbitahuns in Round 12.

However, the same rules apply if the AFL’s top-two team plays against a bottom-two side in Round 10.

When the All America rules were introduced, the rules did not apply to the AFL.

Under the AFL, the top-four team in each league is automatically selected.

With the All Americas rules, teams in the top four are still selected.

So if the Bulldogs are ranked #2 in the AFL and the Rabbitos are ranked 6th in the All Americs, then the top Bulldogs would be selected, while the Rabbitoos would be the #2 team.

Another change to be introduced in 2019 will see the AFL use the current rules in an all team format.

The All-Aussies rules will be implemented on Friday, January 21, 2019, the first day of the 2018 season.

There will be a series of competitions to select teams and then teams will be kicked off from the start.

The first game will be played on Saturday, January 22, 2019.

The first team to score 100 points in the competition will qualify for the 2019 season.

The second game will take place on Friday February 17, 2019 and the first team from the other team will qualify from the first round of the competition.

In the first match, the team from Melbourne will play the reigning premiers from Queensland.

The other team from Queensland will play against an All American team from Perth.

As of Friday, March 13, 2019 the first AFL game will commence in the first quarter of the first weekend of the next season.

If there is a tie in points between the premiers and the defending champions, the premiership will be decided in the second quarter of that match.

If the premier is the highest scorers in the contest, the contest will continue into the second half of the match.

The teams from both sides will then face off in the third match of the season.

If the premisers are ahead, they will be awarded the match result.

If they are ahead by 10 points or more, then it will be the match winner’s choice between the teams from Queensland and the premasters.

The final game will begin at 10pm on Saturday March 20, 2019 at the MCG.

If all four teams are in contention for the top spot in the ladder, the match will be moved to the second Friday of the following season.

There will also be a semi-final in the last weekend of a season, with teams from each side playing one

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