The fifth season of Charms is a lot of fun.

It’s the first time we’ve been able to revisit the season in the UK, and we’ve got some new insights into the cast and creators behind it.

First up is actor-turned-writer-director-star Emma Roberts, who will star in the new season as the enigmatic and quirky Charmie.

She’s joined by actor/writer/director-writer Matt Lucas (The Vampire Diaries), as well as director/producer/director James Marsh (The Secret Life of Pets) and co-writer/producers/writer-producer Lisa Dufour.

Starring as Charmie, Roberts plays the eccentric and lovable Charmie “the Witch” in season three.

She is an outcast at school, and her only friend is her sister Charmie (Emma Roberts), a very different character who is more popular.

It has been established that her life is changed when her older sister Charmies magic begins to spread.

Emma is a talented writer and screenwriter who is also a director.

Her credits include The Secret Life Of Pets, the TV series Gossip Girl, and The Goldbergs.

The first season of the show was directed by James Marsh.

She also co-wrote the screenplay for the film The Witch.

Emmy Award-winning writer-director Matt Lucas, who wrote and directed Charmed, said in a statement, “Charmie is a very strange character, and she’s a big part of why Charmed is so compelling.

She has a very unusual way of speaking, and you never quite know what she’s going to say, but her actions and her character are very, very important to what happens.

She represents the world we live in and how we relate to it.

This season, we have an entire new world to explore, with Charmie and Charmie alone.”

Matt Lucas, a writer-producers-writer and director, said, “I can’t wait to be back with the cast again.

We’re all very excited to be working with them again, and I’m excited to continue to expand the world of Charminess and explore new and old friends.

It’ll be great to see what we’ll be seeing from them next season.

As an actor, I’ve loved the character of Charmie for so long, and now I’m finally getting to explore her in new ways.”

Emma also spoke about the process of writing a new season of The Witch, the fifth and final season of which is due to air on Netflix in 2018.

“We wrote Charmed with the intention of taking the character further,” she said.

“It’s the best of both worlds, the world that Charmed was about and the world I’ve come to love.

I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

The five seasons are divided into three parts: season one, season two, and season three, which has a cast that includes Emma Roberts and Matt Lucas as Charmies parents, Amy Dufours, Emily Braga, Emma Roberts’ sister Charm, and Charm’s sister Charm’s boyfriend, Peter (Jason Ritter).

In season one (2016) the show had two of its original characters, Charmie herself and Charmies sister Charm.

“The Witch” (Matt Lucas) was a magical being who came into the world as a child, and became the new “witch” after he left his family.

Charm and Charm were then raised as the “witch and her brother”, but this didn’t last for long.

“When we first started working on it, we knew we wanted to explore that dynamic and see what it was like for the characters and for Charmie,” said Lucas.

“But we also knew that there was a whole other world out there, so we wanted Charm to be a part of it.

We wanted to see if she would ever be able to truly be herself.

We had some really amazing moments of her discovering who she was, discovering who Peter was, and realizing that she had feelings for Peter and that she loved him.”

Season two (2017) had the two Charmies’ parents as their parents.

“Charms” (Emmy winner Emily Bragger) was born in the first season, and had a sister named Charmie who she took in as a baby.

“I thought we’d go through some really cool stuff,” said Emily, “but we had this really interesting relationship where I really liked her and I loved that we’d have this kind of relationship.

She starts having some sort of feelings for Charmies mother, Charmies father, and that’s really exciting for us. “

Season three, we got to see Charmie grow up, which is really great.

In terms of the cast, we really wanted to be able and excited to get a big cast of new actors and get a new generation of

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