We’ve got a whole lot of Hannibal spoilers, so here are some of the biggest and most important.

But first, let’s go back to the premiere of Hannibal Season 4: So far, the first season has had plenty of fun with its weird, gory, darkly humorous take on the serial killer genre.

But we also learned that, for some of its more seasoned viewers, the series’ second season will be more focused on its darker moments.

This is, as the show’s producers put it, a “different direction.”

In its first season, the show explored the lives of a group of serial killers, each of whom, it hoped, would become a star.

It was also a show about human beings and their darkest, most violent desires.

It also seemed to be a show with the ability to create compelling characters with no apparent motivation other than to play Hannibal Lecter.

And it did this by crafting a universe with an overarching narrative.

But, as The Washington Post pointed out earlier this year, this is not the first time that Hannibal has created a world with a sense of a central narrative, a kind of “Hannibal” that, as creator Bryan Fuller has said, “will continue to evolve.”

This is just the first show to do so, and it seems to be working, but it may not be the final word.

In this way, Hannibal Season 3 could be more of the same.

And while it’s the series that has been closest to delivering on the Hannibal fans’ hopes, the fact that it has been able to do this while still remaining true to the original show could mean the show is just as good as Season 4.

The show is still very much a mystery show.

And in that respect, the answer to the question of how we ended up with the “Hanni” moniker is still a mystery.

But it’s clear that we’re headed in a new direction, and one that has fans eagerly anticipating what we might see next season.

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