With Outlander Season 5 set to begin on May 14, here’s what we know so far about the first season.

Outlander is set in Scotland in the early 20th century, where a man named Jamie Fraser (Ian McShane) has been working on a new world-spanning ship for years.

The ship is called the Outlander, and its crew includes Claire Randall (Gillian Anderson), Jamie Fraser’s son, who has been trying to get his parents back home from a war with England.

But things are about to get complicated, and when Jamie and Claire meet a man called Stannis Baratheon (Gwendoline Christie), they are thrown into a battle for survival. 

Outlander will be the third Outlander film, following the first two, and the third time out.

It’s a big, ambitious project, and it’s been in development for quite a while now. 

In the trailer above, the characters are seen driving through the snow, on horseback.

It looks great, and there’s a lot to talk about here.

There’s a ton of new footage of Claire Randall, including a scene in which she sits down on the horseback with her daughter.

But this is a really big step for the series, as it moves from the fantasy of Outlander to a gritty, gritty world.

Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser are going to have to get used to the cold and darkness, and have to deal with a lot of the people they’ll need to protect.

They’ll also be in danger from a certain man. 

As we’ve previously reported, Outlander had a rocky start in terms of filming, as director Alex Graves (The Great Wall) left the project after a week of filming. 

So how does Outlander handle the fact that the producers left out a lot? 

Well, outlander season 1 was a pretty big deal for the show, as the show was the first time the showrunners had actually been involved with the production of a feature film.

So Graves has some ideas about how the show should handle this. 

Here’s what he had to say in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter:I’m going to start with a disclaimer: I think that it was a mistake, a terrible mistake, and one that we were going to regret for the rest of our lives.

So what I want to say is, the Outlanders and Claire Randall are a little bit different, and that’s just how they have to be. 

I don’t think the Outlands and Claire should be friends.

There should be some sort of animosity between them.

But there should also be some warmth, so they don’t really know each other well enough to have a relationship.

It would be a lot more comfortable to just be together on a ship, as far as I’m concerned. 

The Outlander team is all very different.

They all are very experienced, and they all have different backgrounds, which is a good thing.

Graves went on to say that he’d like to see Outlander adapt to a wider audience:I would like to think that we’ve got the capacity to do that, but I’m sure it’s going to be a tough sell to the wider public. 

There are lots of different actors playing different roles in the film.

Grace Gummer is playing Claire Randall.

Gummer has a big part to play in the story, as she’s a warrior, and she’s not afraid to use her strength to defend her people.

She also has a very complicated relationship with Stannis. 

Gummer has been in a lot like Outlander before.

She played Jamie Fraser, the mother of Claire and Stannis, in the first Outlander movie. 

Now she’s in a film that is a completely different story.

In the first film, Gummer had a much bigger role.

She was a lot less interesting.

But now she’s playing a much more interesting character. 

In the trailer, Stannis appears to be more or less in control of Claire’s life.

He has a ship on his shoulders, and he’s a huge figure in the history of the series. 

As a character, Claire Randall is an outsider, and Stannans are a bit of a minority in the world.

She’s also very much part of the royal family.

So she’s going through some very, very, important decisions, and I think she’ll find herself in the middle of some very difficult situations. 

Stannis is a very powerful character, and Graves has an interesting idea about how Claire’s relationship with him will develop over the course of the season.

Claire is trying to figure out if she can live with Stannas actions. 

“Stannis will definitely have a very, VERY tough time.

He will have a lot on his plate.” 

Stannas intentions will be explored in some really interesting ways.

In one scene, Stannos son, Aegon, is trying out

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