The Season 2 finale of the hit NBC drama “The Blacklist” featured the return of the main character.

In the episode titled “The One with the Big Mouth,” “Theone” is a black man (played by J.K. Simmons) who works in a New York City police precinct and was killed in the line of duty.

His partner, played by Kevin Hart, is also killed.

The episode ends with Simmons telling Hart to find a way to stop the killer, and he goes to investigate.

But the killer is already on the loose, and the precinct has been under siege.

The killers use Simmons as bait to lure Hart and Hart’s co-worker, Michael Jai White, to the crime scene.

Hart is shocked to discover that White has already been killed, and Simmons is left behind.

When the cops try to help White, the man with the mouth has already escaped.

But he also has a gun and he tries to kill the cops.

In the finale, Hart and White, who are about to embark on an undercover assignment, encounter a man in a hoodie, who threatens to kill them both.

Hart is shot in the head.

He dies and his partner is killed.

White is shot twice.

He is left in the car and later dies from his injuries.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Simmons said the episode made him cry.

He also said that the episode wasn’t meant to be “a dark comedy.”

But it was, he said.

He said that he had a hard time keeping his emotions in check during the episode, but he eventually let them out.

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