You can stream the upcoming Sherlock season three episode, “The Lazarus Pit,” on a Samsung Smart TV from any of your favorite devices right now.

Samsung says you can stream it in 3d on any of the Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, S8 and S9 smart TVs, or the S8 Pro, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S9+ smart TVs.

The show will also be available for streaming via the Samsung App Store on the Samsung TV, Samsung Gear VR, Samsung Galaxy Gear VR or Samsung Gear 360 smart TVs that are compatible with the Samsung Smart Cinema app.

It’s available now on the Amazon App Store.

Samsung will release more information about how to watch in 3rd person from October 5.

Sherlock’s next season premieres Monday, October 13 on BBC America, BBC World News and BBC World.

Watch more episodes of Sherlock with the app on BBC iPlayer

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