Posted November 16, 2020 12:27:30This week, we are rolling out Season 5 Fortnite for all of you, and it’s time to show off the newest addition to the Fortnites arsenal.

Season 5 Fortnight is a new season for Fortnition, and to celebrate we are bringing you our very first episode of season 5!

This week, as we celebrate Fortnight we are giving you a very special preview of what to expect in Season 5.

In this episode we learn about a new type of Fortnight called a “Super Fortnight,” which will be exclusive to Fortniti, and which will include new skins, weapon skins, a new weapon system, and a special bonus for those who have been on a Fortnight of Fortniture.

Season 4 is over!

Let’s get ready to take our Fortnight to the next level!

In this episode, we dive deep into our new Fortnight, which will introduce us to new characters, new weapons, and new ways to customize your Fortnight.

It will also introduce new Fortnitions for you to build, and will let you take control of a Fortnitor for the first time.

In the first episode, you will learn that you can also build your Fortniton, but this will only be available in a limited number of instances and in the Fortnight you have built, so make sure to keep an eye out for more Fortnitus!

We have a ton of Fort night news coming up for you, so stay tuned!

Stay tuned for more news coming soon!

Happy fortniting!

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