“We’re done here,” the final shot said.

It wasn’t the most compelling ending, but it was also the one that felt most fitting to the show’s storytelling.

The finale was also a return to the characters’ origins, as the team of agents investigating a mysterious outbreak of mysterious tumors found a dead girl and an infected man in the woods.

It was an odd decision, but a decision that worked.

The final scene felt more like a goodbye to the series than a goodbye.

And, as far as the season goes, the show didn’t seem to mind.

The characters were still as compelling and complex as ever, and the season’s big mystery was still one of the shows most satisfyingly unexpected twists.

The writers and directors behind the show seemed to know how to keep the action moving and the story evolving without sacrificing its characters.

The cast and crew of the Atopics did, too.

They made the most of their limited resources and found ways to build a world that feels grounded, realistic, and grounded-in-time.

It’s hard to say how the series would have been different without the Atops, but their storytelling is what made it great.

“We have a little bit of an audience in the room, because it’s the first season of a show that’s really big,” producer Julie Plec told EW.

“I think we really wanted to create a sense of place and have the audience understand that we’re not a show for everyone.

And I think we also knew that it was something that we would never want to see again.”

Atypics was created by former Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. writer Jeph Loeb and directed by Chris Carter.

The show debuted in 2014, and its fifth season will air on ABC in 2019.

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