It’s been four seasons since the first-person shooter, Fortnites first-ever game, launched on the PlayStation 4.

But with the game now in the hands of thousands of people on Steam, a new batch of players are playing and trying to make sense of it.

The Fortnits 4 season will follow the first four seasons, the fourth being the year of the events.

It is a long, winding road, but the players on Steam are making progress on their journey to understand the events that have transpired since the start.

The game, which is free, follows the four seasons of the original game: the first one, the first two, the third one and the fourth one.

The four seasons are divided into four distinct areas, each representing a different year, which will run concurrently to the other seasons.

In the first season, the world of the world was destroyed by the titans, and the world’s survivors found themselves stranded in the dark, unforgiving depths of the ocean.

The survivors had only two choices: flee to a small, isolated island in the ocean, or be destroyed by their new home, Forte.

The world has been divided into two main groups: the blue ones, who are the ones who survived, and a black group, who were the ones that were killed.

After being destroyed by Forte, they were given a new life and their lives changed.

But the story of the black survivors is far from over, as the new arrivals are beginning to discover a darker world.

The black survivors will soon have to make their way back to the island, and face the threat of their own shadow, the titanic titan, which has emerged from the depths of its darkness.

The titanic titans have been defeated in previous seasons, and now, as it’s the turn of the survivors to return to the mainland, the story has changed.

There are now four factions that are fighting for survival: the titan-defying Redeemers, who have been led by the mysterious Black Lion, the Ironborn, who led the Iron Horde, and The Bloodborn, led by Redeemer-turned-Redeemer.

The red-headed survivors of the past will now have to face the Bloodborn in a new arena called the Blood Bowl, where players will be able to compete against each other for the highest score.

Players will have to fight for the fate of the islands and the fate that their family holds.

The four season of Fortnited will be played on Steam on October 12 and 13, with a release window of October 22.

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