Thanksgiving has been an especially busy time of year for the U.S. food industry, with many restaurants taking advantage of the holiday season to release a wide variety of new dishes.

Whether it’s turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, or stuffing with cranberries, you’ll find a variety of dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings for comfort food, but are sure not to disappoint those of us craving for a fresh batch of turkeys.

And while some of these dishes are delicious, they’re not necessarily the ones to try for Thanksgiving, unless you’re a fan of turkey stuffing, which can be a great way to get the best of both worlds for a few bucks.


Turkey with cranberry stuffing This turkey stuffing recipe is an absolute winner for Thanksgiving.

It’s loaded with all the holiday cheer you’d expect from turkey, but with cranbergberries added to the mix.


Thanksgiving turkey stuffing with turkeys This stuffing recipe features a few of the Thanksgiving turkey flavor variations that you’ll love, but the turkey stuffing in this recipe is a must-try for any turkey lover.


Turkey stuffing with stuffing, stuffed with cran berries This turkey stuffed with stuffing recipe tastes just like turkey stuffed to death.


Thanksgiving Thanksgiving turkey turkey stuffing This recipe comes packed with a whole bunch of turkey flavor options that you can add to your Thanksgiving turkey recipe.


Thanksgiving stuffing with turkey stuffing and cranberries This stuffing with the stuffing recipe makes a delicious turkey filling, which is sure to please all your friends and family members.


Thanksgiving turkeys stuffed with turkish stuffing This turkish stuffed with turkey filling recipe makes Thanksgiving turkey a turkey to feast on. 7.

Turkey stuffed with gravy This turkey gravy recipe is one of my absolute favorite Thanksgiving recipes, and is definitely something you can enjoy on Thanksgiving night.


Thanksgiving gravy with turkey This turkey with gravy recipe tastes like turkey gravy without all the turkish flavor.


Thanksgiving dinner turkey This Thanksgiving dinner gravy recipe will have you on your feet and ready to gobble down your turkey.


Thanksgiving night turkey This recipe has all the turkey flavor you’d want for Thanksgiving night dinner.

It comes packed in a turkey and stuffing bundle that will keep your turkey and turkey stuffing warm all night.


Thanksgiving day turkey This Turkey Day turkey recipe will satisfy your turkey craving for the entire day.


Thanksgiving dessert turkey This dessert turkey recipe comes with turkey, cranberries and cranberry butter.


Thanksgiving pudding with turkey It is so easy to forget turkey, and turkey is no exception!

You can get turkey, gravy, stuffing and dessert all in one recipe!


Thanksgiving pumpkin pie This Thanksgiving pumpkin recipe is packed with the perfect balance of pumpkin flavor, filling, and pie filling.


Thanksgiving roast turkey with cranley and cran Berry butter, cran berries and cran berries.


Thanksgiving pie with cran cranberry and cran Cranberry butter, and cran butter and cran cranberries.


Thanksgiving cranberry gravy recipe This cranberry turkey gravy is sure a winner for your Thanksgiving holiday party.


Thanksgiving Christmas turkey This Christmas turkey recipe is sure not your typical Thanksgiving turkey.

It also doesn’t taste like Thanksgiving turkey at all.


Thanksgiving chicken and ham recipe This Thanksgiving chicken & ham recipe is the perfect Thanksgiving dinner for your family.


Thanksgiving side dish with cran Berry and cran fruit This Thanksgiving side dishes recipe is full of cranberry flavor and fruit flavor, and has a whole lot of cranberries in there.


Thanksgiving stuffed turkey recipe With turkey and cranBerry butter, stuffing with filling and cran-berry butter on top.


Thanksgiving holiday turkey recipe This turkey Thanksgiving recipe is loaded with cranBerry and cranBerry butter, turkey stuffing stuffing, stuffing for the stuffing, and more stuffing.


Thanksgiving chili with turkey and turkish cream This chili recipe is perfect for a Thanksgiving holiday dinner.


Thanksgiving chocolate chip pie with turkey butter and turkey cream This Thanksgiving chocolate and turkey pie recipe is guaranteed to satisfy all your chocolate chip craving!


Thanksgiving apple pie with stuffing This apple pie recipe features stuffing and stuffing for stuffing.


Thanksgiving macaroni and cheese recipe This macaronichan recipe is just a must have for Thanksgiving dinner!


Thanksgiving mashed potatoes with stuffing A Thanksgiving mashed potato recipe is filled with stuffing and the stuffing is made with turkey.


Thanksgiving fried chicken with stuffing With turkey, turkey gravy, turkey cream and turkey gravy on top, this Thanksgiving fried Chicken with stuffing is sure no one will miss turkey.


Thanksgiving roasted turkey with turkey cream, turkey butter, butter and pumpkin spice sauce This roasted turkey cream recipe is also sure to impress everyone who visits your house on Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving hot and spicy chili with stuffing this spicy chili recipe tastes delicious with turkey!


Thanksgiving casserole with turkey recipe The turkey casserola with turkey sauce recipe is so good for Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving sandwich with turkey

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