When season five of Outlander officially premieres on Netflix on January 3, viewers will be able to catch up on the second season of the drama, which features a major twist.

While the series will remain available for streaming, Netflix will also be making a major jump in content for its new season.

This year, it is going to be releasing episodes from season 5 to season 6, which are the first two seasons of the series, and it is also introducing an original series titled Outlander: A Year of Terror, which will feature the return of Claire Randall, who played Claire Randall on the show.

Outlander season five will premiere on Netflix and Amazon Prime in the US on January 9.

It will also premiere on Hulu and the US’ No. 1 Netflix service in Canada, Canada, and the UK on January 11, and in Australia on January 12.

The US release will also include episodes from the new season, with a Canadian and UK release scheduled for January 17.

The season five premiere will also feature a new theme song, and a new episode of the show’s official music video, “The Queen and Her Knights.”

The music video is a tribute to the Outlander soundtrack.

Netflix is also making a push to get more Outlander fans on its streaming service.

Netflix has announced that the next season of Outlanders will be available for its streaming platform in the United States and Canada on January 2, and that the first season will be released on January 6.

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