The new season of BBC’s hit crime drama, “Swat”, is set to air this weekend on BBC1.

The programme, which stars Jessica Capshaw as the titular “swat” and will also see Nick Kroll reprise his role, will see the show take on a “more sinister” storyline, following the deaths of four people in the US and the UK.

The season 4 premiere, which will be filmed at London’s St James’s Palace, will air on Saturday, August 7.

The drama will then air on Sunday, August 8 at 9.30pm.

“The series is set in the American state of Texas and is set around the time of the US government’s response to the 9/11 attacks in 2001,” BBC said.

“In a country where people feel they are not valued enough, we are told that if they cannot trust their government, they must either be violent, or die.”

We see how a young boy, Adam, has his first experience of the world and of the American police.

Adam, now aged 15, goes to live with a man named Michael, who he becomes a mentor to, but Michael also has a problem: he is violent and he wants to take Adam out of the family home.

“Adam has no choice but to go with him and Michael must decide whether Adam is his family or a tool to be used.”

Swat is set during the height of the financial crisis, with the US housing market in the grip of a housing bubble.

The show follows Adam, who has an older brother who was recently taken in by a foster family.

“Swat” will also be set in a time when the US is experiencing a resurgence in the war on drugs.

“The series explores how the police respond to this and how the system has been broken, with an emphasis on the corruption that comes from the system,” BBC added.

Swat will premiere on BBC2 on Saturday August 8.

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