Supergirl is back, and she’s got a new job.

Season 7 has her working at a small boutique store.

She’s not going to work for the big tech companies, she said, but she’s working at her mom’s house, in the same building as her father.

Her new boss, Lana Lang, told her she’s going to need to “get in the game.”

Supergirl will be back in season 8.

“It’s going be a whole new dynamic for me,” she said.

Lana says she is still learning. “

And I’m not going anywhere.”

Lana says she is still learning.

“As I go through the show, I think that I’m learning as a person.

I’ve learned so much,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

“But as I’m watching it unfold, I know that I have a lot to learn.”

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