The Cubs bullpen has a strong pitching staff, but they are also one of the most important players on the team, according to Major League Baseball.

They are led by their bullpen coach, Pedro Martinez, and his staff of five pitchers, including ace Jon Lester, that include Jon Lester.

They have some of the best pitchers in baseball.

They’re the best pitcher on this team.

That’s what I’m excited about.

But the pitching staff also has some really good pitching depth.

Lester’s fastball velocity, for example, is at least 70 mph.

It’s an extreme velocity that is almost unheard of in the game.

The Cubs bullpen also has one of baseball’s best bullpens, as the Cubs have only allowed five home runs in the past nine games.

Lester’s average fastball velocity is at or near 100 mph, and he has a 1.07 ERA, which is the best in baseball among pitchers with at least 200 innings pitched.

The Cubs have the best starting pitching in baseball this season.

They have the third-best ERA in baseball, behind the Mets and the Nationals.

It has been a tough year for Chicago.

Injuries to a number of key players has left them without much offense.

But they still have the team’s best pitching staff.

The Cubs have two pitchers in Lester, and they have three more starters on the way, including three of the top five pitchers in the National League.

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