In Australia, it’s a common occurrence to see spider webbing around the house or garage.

And you might not realize that the spider can bite you.

So how to deal with a spider that could be in your home?

Here are 10 tips.


If the spider is not in your yard, avoid direct sunlight or outdoor activities, especially indoor climbing, according to the National Centre for Environmental Protection.


Always wear long-sleeved shirts and pants when indoors, even if it’s hot outside.


Never climb over or under a spiderweb to get at it, or remove it from a web, according the Australian Wildlife Service.


Do not open your door to a spider, as it can get trapped and be difficult to remove.


If you find a spider outside, do not try to get it inside the house, as you could hurt the spider and the spider’s owner could be bitten.


If it is a spider on your clothes, it is usually not a problem, but if it is on a bed or chair, you may need to wash it. 7.

Always use gloves when cleaning your hands, and use a towel to wipe down your clothing if you are cleaning your house.


Do your best to use a safe, non-toxic chemical spray for handling the spider, according a product label on the product.


Never put any items that could contain the spider into a plastic bag or a plastic cup that has a spider-related logo on it. 10.

If your spider bites, seek immediate medical attention, even for minor injuries.

You may be able to treat the bite by using a topical anesthetic, such as hydrocortisone cream or lidocaine. 1 of 10

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