The best starting quarterback in the AFC East isn’t necessarily the best quarterback in every division.

It’s the best one in every conference, according to a new study that found quarterbacks in the NFC East and AFC North are the best in the league.

The NFL Network released the study Monday.

The researchers looked at the starting quarterbacks in each division, starting from the division’s top two teams, and ranked them from 1 to 10.

The rankings are based on average start percentages for the starting quarterback positions over the past four seasons.

In the NFC, the study shows New York Jets starting quarterback Geno Smith has a career start percentage of 72.9.

That’s a career-best start percentage for a Jets starter.

The Jets have a top-10 starting quarterback from a different division in Tom Brady, who is the NFL’s top passer in both passing and passing efficiency.

Brady has a completion percentage of 88.3, and a touchdown percentage of 50.3.

Brady is the only quarterback in any of the top five divisions to have a completion and a score percentage of at least 70 percent.

The rankings are skewed by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (1), who has a season-low career start rate of 70.1 percent, while New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (3) has a start percentage that is almost two percentage points lower than Brady.

The study also ranked quarterbacks in four other divisions, from the top three teams in the NFL to the bottom five teams.

In the NFC West, the top four quarterbacks are New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (5), San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (5) and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (4).

The top five quarterbacks in three of those divisions are New England and Seattle.

The bottom five quarterbacks are Green Bay and Indianapolis.

The top quarterbacks in two of the other divisions are Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (2), who is second in the overall completion percentage (84.6), third in passing efficiency (86.1) and third in touchdown percentage (54.7).

Palmer has a game-high completion percentage for the Cardinals, and is second among NFL quarterbacks with a touchdown rating of 120.0.

Palmer has thrown for 5,948 yards and 30 touchdowns, which is the fourth-most in NFL history.

The quarterbacks in six of the six divisions are quarterbacks who started in at least four seasons, with the exception of the NFC South.

In all six divisions, the quarterback has a 100.0 career start average.

The New England Jets are the only division in the top 10 to have the NFL leader in interceptions (15), passing yards (2,964) and passing touchdowns (36), which are tied for fourth in the division behind the San Francisco Chargers and Washington.

In addition, quarterback Josh McCown has a win percentage of 55.9 and a career completion percentage at 87.5.

The Chargers, who are second in completion percentage, have the league’s lowest win percentage.

The Atlanta Falcons are the league leader in interception rate, passing yards per attempt (2.8), touchdowns per attempt (.948) and yards per pass attempt (1.7), but they have the lowest percentage of interceptions (19.4 percent).

They are tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the second-lowest interception rate in the game.

The Indianapolis Colts, who rank second in total offense (7,856 yards) and sixth in scoring (38.6 points), are tied on a touchdown per attempt average with the Kansas City Chiefs (22.8) and the Detroit Lions (20.2).

The Dallas Cowboys, who ranked seventh in scoring, have been the only team to rank in the bottom six in total yards per play (6.7) and scoring touchdowns per play (.891).

The Philadelphia Eagles have been one of the best teams in football since taking over as the starting team in 2013.

In those first four seasons in the first three years of the league, the Eagles have finished first in yards per game (4.63), first in passing yards allowed (2.,093) and first in points per game (.732).

In the past two years, the Philadelphia Eagles are ranked among the top 20 in total points allowed (22) and points per play allowed (10.9).

The Eagles are tied at No. 1 in passing points per pass (7.1), No. 6 in passing touchdowns per pass and No. 4 in passing touchdown percentage.

The Eagles rank No. 7 in rushing yards per carry (1,823).

The Carolina Panthers are one of three teams to have one of only two playoff berths, along with the New England Giants and New Orleans Giants.

Carolina’s quarterback Cam Newton leads the NFL in touchdown passes, and he leads the league in total passing yards and touchdown passes.

The Panthers have been ranked in the final two polls for the last two seasons.

The only other team to have two playoff teams is the Pittsburgh

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