If you’re new to Frozen, you’ll need to check out the brand new season.

The new season will launch on March 12 and will be available for both the US and Canada.

The season starts with the iconic snow globe and features a new song and dance number, as well as a brand new song for the title character.

The first trailer features Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Olaf and Olga’s snow globe dancing, as Elsa and Anna sing a song about “getting to know one another”.

The song is a celebration of friendship and the new Elsa and Olgavina are the first of the four Elsa sisters to get their own song.

The trailer also features a brand-new Frozen song for Anna.

The song includes an introduction and Elsa and Elsa’s coronation.

The new season is a bit more diverse than the first one, as there are five different songs and four different dance routines, which make up the new Frozen season.

Elsa and the rest of the sisters have been transformed by the coronation of the princesses.

The coronation is a magical event that allows the Frozen characters to transform into their true selves, and is accompanied by a magical song.

The first season was released in theaters in late March 2016, and will premiere on March 13, 2019.

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